Individual Counseling $125.00

  • We collaborate with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and relational problems. As a family therapist we discuss problems within the context of relationships such as friends, schools, work, and the individuals family system when addressing your therapeutic goals. 
  • During your individual session we can collaborate on ideas to manage stress, lower anxiety, anger management, relationship improvement, divorce recovery, grief counseling and more. 

Family Counseling $175.00

  • They say home is where the heart is. Family therapy is about improving the state and well-being of the family and creating a safe space for each family member to be heard.
  • Family relationships can be some of the most fulfilling and the most challenging. 
  • At Thrive, we work along with the family to address family problems  by working with the whole family instead of the individual. Individuals' feelings, behavior and thoughts are explored in the framework of their families.
  • Some of the problems addressed are: 
  • Communication across generations
  • Blended family life
  • Divorce or how to cope after a divorce
  • Children's issues
  • Learning how to co-parent
  • General parenting concerns, and more...

Couple Counseling $150.00

  • Many relationships experience challenges. I believe every couple can have a healthy relationship with their partner. One of the key components to developing a healthy relationship is communication.  

When a relationship is void of healthy communication several factors occur: 

  1. Broken trust
  2. Arguments
  3. Shame and deception
  4. Anger
  5. Feeling of loneliness

Are you experiencing any of the above factors in your relationship? Have you tried everything you can think of  and it still hasn't worked. Let a professional therapists at Thrive Therapy Institute help today. 

Groups Counseling $25.00

(Each group is based on 9 -12 group sessions. Fees are per session)

  • Many individuals prefer group therapy over individual therapy. Talking with other people who have had similar experiences provides support and offer a different perspective of the problem.

Here at Thrive we offer a variety of groups to meet your specific needs. You can talk with your counselor or call Thrive for more information and to learn more about a specific group.The following groups are currently offered at Thrive:

  1. Parenting group
  2. Substance abuse group
  3. Life skills group
  4. MFT licensure exam support group
  5. Women's empowerment group
  6. Domestic violence group
  7. Anger management
  8. Stress and Anxiety
  9. Divorce group for children ages 6-10

Christian Counseling $90.00

  • As a pastor for over 17 years many couples have come seeking God's guidance and direction for life stressors. 
  • We believe that at the core of what we do  is to help our people achieve their goal through God's word. Our clients come to know the immense worth and value of who they are as a person, couple and family. 
  • Here at Thrive our counselors utilize  biblical based scriptures and prayer during every counseling session.  

We offer the following services:

  1. Premarital counseling 
  2. Family counseling
  3. Children counseling
  4. Individual Counseling 
  5. Couples counseling

Co-parenting $100.00

  • Thrive therapy offers co-parenting to assist couples in developing parenting plans that would allow them to co-parent affectively. 
  • Learning to how adjust being a single parent when a relationship has ended does not have to be a difficult process. Our goal seeks to help you resolve conflict, time sharing challenges, parenting plans issues, and more.  At Thrive we act as neutral party who facilitates communication and resolution between parities.  
  • The role of the counselor is to reduce obstacles to communication. Assist in the identification of issuers and exploration of alternatives to resolving disagreements. The ultimate decision rest solely with the parties. 
  • If you received a judgement mandating you to see a parent coordinator we can assist with that too. Dr. Angela Hood is a certified parent coordinator experienced with assisting families resolve time-sharing.   


Only two (2) slots are available per six weeks. Treatment plan is designed around a maximum of six (6) sessions. After six weeks additional services will be discussed.


  • Thrive offers parents an alternative to abusive behavior toward their children.
  • Fee-based parenting services for families needing supervised visitation and for families in need of specialized support during and after divorce through our Co-Parenting and Divorce Program. 
  • Anger Management classes and Child-Parent Psychotherapy. 
  •  Self-advocacy, stress management, and access to resources in the community